Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Fun

We've had a busy month.

As in, it's been super busy since mid-August. Between consignment sales, birthdays, an arts & crafts fair, pumpkin patch visits, the trip to the farm, ballet practice, pre-school...phew. I'm exhausted just thinking about all of it right now!

Anyway, it's been packed and jammed-full of plenty of stuff. So, to celebrate a calm day, we had a picnic at the park.

I'll spare you photos of the food consumption, though I'm sure it would be delightfully entertaining. After devouring our sandwiches, we fed bread to nearby ducks and geese.

And boy were there ducks!

They happily ate our bread.

They happily quaked and honked their way through their feast.

Ooooo. Pretty duck! ;-)

 And then Trav decided to shake the crumbs out of the bag. The ducks were especially not fond of his decision.

The geese? Well, they didn't freak out so much.

But wait - where are they going?

 Why, go run off some lunch and energy!!

Zoey pretty much stayed on the swings.

Jack, on the other hand, was all over the place!

See? He was great and climbing...

...and sliding...

...and figuring out how to make everything work to fit his needs.

When he wanted a turn at the swings, Zoey helped push him.

After all, that's what she sees Trav do to her all the time! 

However, I do believe this face says it all - NAP TIME! 

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