Thursday, October 7, 2010

Say A Little Prayer For You

A few weeks ago, it was Jack's birthday weekend. His party was later that afternoon, and we were getting him in the festive spirit by taking him to the T-Rex "store" (Jack-slang for restaurant).

Anyone with a good memory will understand when I say that we were shocked at his choice. He had heared this place ever since he was 2 to the point where if he heard the roars, he would freak out.

However, he was a persistent little dude, and we agreed. He was, after all, turning 5. Everyone knows that when you turn 5, you stop being scared of the T-Rex store (or so I'm told by a certain 5-year old).

We loaded into the car and went on our merry way to the Legends.

Wouldn't you know that road work would interfere though. About 5 minutes into our journey, we were at a dead stop with about 200 other cars. One lane. Lots of anxious people. Lots of big trucks.

And then we heard them: sirens.

Police car after police car zoomed by us on the shoulder (remember: we're at a dead-stop in one lane at a construction zone). An ambulence or two came, as did a few fire trucks.

Uh-oh. That's not a good sign.

Eventually, we moved to the point where we could see the ambulence unloading the stretcher around a car. We believe it was a medical emergency - not a car accident - but either way it was painful to watch.

Jack, in the back seat, saw it all.

"Mommy, I feel bad for that man!"

>> "So do I Jack."

"Mommy, let's pray for him. He looks like he needs God's help."

Now, if your mouth hasn't dropped to the floor, I'm shocked. I know that I sure was. It's not every day that a 5-year old asks to pray for a complete stranger.

Either way, I'm proud of this boy. He may not be perfect, but he's mine!

(And for the record, he doesn't want to go into the T-Rex store again. Zoey, on the other hand, loved every second of it. She did NOT want to leave)

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