Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch, Take 1

This year we have been so blessed. Great weather, great family and great toddlers have meant that we have been able to go to a variety of pumpkin patches THREE times this year, with a possible fourth this coming weekend.


This is...part 1, taken in very early October. As-in, the week after opening weekend early.

(And if you wanted to remember, here is last year's trip to this same patch)

So this is....Pumpkin Patch, The First

Really, it was your standard Kansas day. Not a cloud in the sky, sunny and slightly warm.

The kids enjoyed looking at the pumpkins by the entrance... 

 Look at the joy in her face! 

And check out the distraction in his.  

Those eyes...they just can't stop lookin' at the kids playing! 

So what is Jack looking at? 

And Zoey? 

Well, these is a really neat water pump system they have set up to send rubber ducks across maybe a 15 foot stretch. Unfortunately, the kid on the other end decided it would be cool to use 2 pumps at once, thus making it impossible for both kids to use it at the same time. Bummer, man.  

But wait!  

What is this?  

It's the train!  

Little orange Caboose...chug, chug, chug.... 

It's a pretty neat set-up! 

 As you can tell, Zoey (and Jack!) loved it! 

At the pumpkin patch, Jack picked out his pumpkin  

And let me take a picture. 

Zoey, on the other hand, wasn't so easy. She looked and look and then...

Distraction. In the form of dirt. 

She at least found one? Eventually. 

To conclude the day, we slid down some great slides...

And let ready for naptime! (All of us)

Here are details if you're interested:

KC Pumpkin Patch
29755 W. 191st Street Gardner, KS 66030
Admission: $8/person (under age 1 always free)

My thoughts? We've been going to this patch for the last three years, and it's great. However, spending $8 for a toddler does make me question going again each year. This year I actually won a family pass, but had I not won it, I doubt we would have gone. 

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