Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Fifth Year

Why is it so hard to believe that my son is now five years old?

Regardless of the emotions, Jack is now five. It's really hard to believe just how small he once was:

See that baby? That was Jack - born weighing just 4 pounds. Nearly a month in the NICU later and he was home. 

And now, five years later, we're celebrating his life! 

The cake...well...the cake didn't turn out as grand as I had hoped.

But Jack liked it! So, really, that's all that matters.

If you didn't already catch it, we had a Toy Story birthday party! He loves Buzz.

Time for gifts....

Oooo. Reading the card. Grandma Suzie makes the best cards!

Hi Audrey! In just six short months, you'll have your birthday!



Let's just say, he stayed in his room for hours to finish all the lego kits he received. The kid loves 'em!

Trav and Zoey watched with eager anticipation.

Now, I always have to include a funny Trav photo. Cue this one!

Awww! Baby Christopher is so loved! (As is everyone,

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