Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Chronicles of Potty Training: The Cat, The Toddler, and The Bathroom

Hello. My name is Angi. I'm in love with pull-ups and spend at least $40 each month on them.

Of course, it's not for me. It's for my wonderful three-year old, Zoey. Pull-ups are such a comfort factor. I don't have to map out a store to know where all the bathrooms are. I don't have to worry about forgetting that it's time to go to the bathroom. I don't have to plan an extra ten minutes before we leave the house to ensure that she actually uses the potty. Oh yeah - and I don't have to deal with urine-soaked clothes.

Nope. Pull-ups are a security that allows me to take her anywhere. Oh, she pooped? No problem! I have more!

The reality that we realized a few weeks ago is that Zoey had everything she needed to master potty training. She was staying dry all afternoon at her daycare, and she obviously knew how to use the potty.

I wasn't ready though. She's my little baby! Plus, quite frankly, after fighting with Jack for so long and finally getting him potty trained at 4 years old, I wasn't exactly motivated.

However, I think both Trav and I knew that we couldn't just sit to the side and let this one go. This was our opportunity and we needed to jump!

So on Monday, we did. We jumped. We put her in big-girl undies and never looked back. Pull-ups are put away!

Do you know how many accidents she's had?

I betcha never wouldda guessed that she's only had THREE accidents since Monday.

With few exceptions, she happily follows us into the bathroom. If she's successful, she gets the sticker of her choice. If she's not, she gets a high-five for trying. Oh, and the cat will usually come in to make sure everything is going okay. He may also want some water from the bathtub faucet, but I like to think he's supporting his girl. 

We do expect some set-backs though. It's never good to assume that it will always be this easy. However, diapers are now reserved for night only. We're not going back now!

What worked for us?

1) Seeing that she was ready. I think we knew she was ready, but we didn't want to admit it yet.

2) Dora. Oh goodness, I hate Dora. However, Dora stickers are by far her favorite (sorry Ariel!) and Dora undies are preferred nearly every day (sorry Disney princesses!)

3) Committing ourselves to this stage. I don't care how busy or tired I am, I know that I always can make time for a trip to the bathroom.

At this rate though, by Christmas we will be completely potty trained!

By the way - in no way am I bragging. This isn't a "look at how great my daughter is! NEENER!" it's more of a ... "wow! I am so proud and never thought she would take to it so easy! Is there a catch here?" It's like getting that awesome sweater on sale. You aren't really bragging - you're more shocked than ever. 

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