Sunday, October 17, 2010

Christmas Gift Countdown - 68 days

Okay folks, this one is for your chocolate-obsessed person. Even further, the chocolate TOFFEE obsessed person.

Gift: Almond Butter Crunch from Lake Champlain Chocolates (Or any chocolates from them, really)
Place to buy: Online, unless you live anywhere near Vermont
Price: $42.00 for 1 pound (plus shipping, which is cheaper in the winter thanks to no melting worries)

I'll be honest here - I hated toffee until we went to the Lake Champlain chocolates on whim while on our honeymoon. While I don't remember much about the other chocolates, I will never forget the fantastic flavor of these babies. In fact, I think we bought a pound or so of chocolate and received two pieces of any chocolate for free. I chose this baby while my new husband selected something with peanut butter in it. I actually forgot I even had it until we arrived home. I took one bite, and I was sold.

So unless they've changed their wonderful recipe, it's worth buying for the toffee-lover in your life!

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