Friday, September 24, 2010

Third Birthday

When did my little girl grow up?

Anyway, since tomorrow we celebrate Jack's birthday, I thought it was a perfect time to put up photos from Zoey's birthday!

You know - only a month late!

Anyway, it was a beautiful, sunny day:
Jack was showing us just how sunny it was!

The birthday girl was, without a doubt, feeling excited.

Oooo. Balloons!

She loved those suckers.

Aha! The guests have arrived!

Hi Zoey!

(And a copy in color, just if you wanna be crazy)

She was so happy!

Of course, the bugs were out too.

Zoey showed Audrey  her balloons.

Gift time!

Jack was the best gift helper!


Audrey was a great sport!

Afterall, it's tough to be 2...and have to watch your cousin open gifts.

Unlike other holidays/birthdays, Zoey really got into this opening  thing!

Like I said, it's hard when the attention isn't on you.

I mean, Jack even got to help!


Stylin' Zoey!

And now Barbie is stylin' too!

One of the favorites of the night? A fishing pole. Go figure.

Peek a boo! I see you!

She really wanted to go play with the train table!

This is totally Jack's "WHAT?" face.

Kaki helped Zoey stay focused.


Stickers are fun!

She really loves stickers!

Ignore her hair bow. I didn't see it in time to correct it.

She's still cute though! (And funny face #1 for the night)

Hi Little Christopher!

And...funny face #2 for the night!

And #3!

Jack thought it was REALLY funny!

Hi Jack!

And no, the balloons were NOT ignored!

....just abused.

Next, we brought out the bubbles:
 (Funny face #4)
 (And funny face #5)

Then we went inside for Zoey's birthday "cake"

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