Saturday, September 25, 2010

Apple Picking We Go!

We have grown to love the apple orchard. Last year, despite the weirdness with our computer monitor, I posted the FIRST trip we took:

First part
Second part

Anyway, now it's a whole new year! Better attitudes, better knowledge, and...better weather! (Actually that last one is a lie. But whatever)

They had chickens!

See? Chicken house! (Side note: I'm fully aware that it's not really called a chicken house. Go with me, man!)

See that chicken in the middle? The white one? Yeah - he was aggressive. He attempted to fight with every single kid.

Well, the diva is in the hizz-ouse!

Pre-pick photo!

Eh - there was too much going on to just look at the camera.

My family.All ready to go.

Yum. Gala apples.

Pick, Zoey...Pick!

Watch what you're doing Jack for you'll never learn to drive a car. Not paying attention while picking apples is SO related to not paying attention while driving.

Or maybe it's because I just wanted a picture.

Either way, it was pretty darn nice!

Zoey even participated this year!

Last year she was more in the screaming mood. That was fun.

Keep pullin' Jack!

I can just hear her say it now: "Ooo. Heavy applies!"

She even grabbed a few high ones too!

Our purchase.

Ahhh. That's the life - isn't it? A nice wagon with a great Papa Don ready to pull you around.




Now, as you can was windy.

I just wanted a good picture.

That was an epic fail.

I mean they are cute.

Just not Christmas card worthy.

So I let them get crazy.


In the Kansas (or Missouri) wind, it was wild.

Can we

Now, they also built a little house for kids to enjoy.

 And Zoey did.Oh did she ever!
Jack really enjoyed himself here.

So did Zoey. Especially after she found the tractor.

Nope. Don't ask for me to tell you what she's thinking because I can't.

Jack's turn! Papa Don helped with the child-to-child transition.

Jack is a tractor pro at this point.

Seee? Paying attention. Maybe he'll be a great driver in 10 years?

Windmill. In case anyone hasn't seen one before.

These two walked to the store (in the barn) to buy our goodies.

And Jack fed the chickens! He found out a great way to get it to them without being pecked.

Then Zoey tried it.

And it worked for Audrey too!

Well, it worked until this happened.

Oh my sweet Zoey.

Oh and of course, another photo op! You know I love 'em.

And with just my kiddos.

Yay for apple picking!

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