Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Late-Summer Picnic

Well, it finally happened. The excessive summer heat has switched off (for now) and today we hit a high of 80. That's more than 20 degrees COOLER than we were just a few weeks ago.

Needless to say, we loved it and had a picnic outside.

Jack FINALLY gave me a normal, happy face when I asked for it! It's a shame the mosquito thought it was picture time too. 

Aww- Zoey's always one to smile when I ask her to! 

Now, that's not how you eat. 

See? Take a note from your sister on how to eat - though it's funny to see her FINALLY wanting to eat! 

Yeah, yeah. It's hilarious. 

Caught ya! 

Yum. Peanut Butter cup. 

Kisses for everyone! 

I think it's a kiss. Or a hug. Your choice! 

Most likely she's watching Jack run around the yard at this point. 

See? Her hair is super curly and super crazy. I love it though! 



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