Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Darn You, Pixar!

Have you ever seen the movie "Toy Story" or any of the squeals?

We do. In case you forgot....
We saw TS3 in the theatre. 

It's a huge deal considering we don't get out much as a family. 

We guzzied ourselves up! 


My point, you ask?

Well, in the FIRST MOVIE, near the end, there's a scene where Buzz sees his commercial on TV, has the realization that he is, in fact, a toy, and attempts to fly from the second story hallway to an open window high on a wall in front of him.

Let's just say, it doesn't go as planned:

That's right - SPLAT. On the ground. An arm lost.

As you can imagine, for a toy, that's a huge deal!

Now, generally, I would look at this and think nothing of it. Probably if you saw the movie, you didn't give a second thought to the scene. It was just one aspect of the movie that lead up to the stunning climax and conclusion.

Well, Jack proved that Pixar didn't think it through.

That's right - tonight while I was making dinner (and while I was cleaning up dinner), he proceeded to throw one of our many Buzz dolls (hmmm...action figures?) down the stairs.


Because he wanted to see his arm pop off.

Thanks Pixar. Thanks a lot. I have a hunch that Zoey's going to catch one in a few days, and we're going to have to tell everyone to ignore the flying Buzz dolls.

And unlike the Buzz in the movie, our Buzz most likely will be forced to remain broken.

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