Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bovine Security

I love the mind of a nearly three-year old.

Background: Zoey loves animals. You've seen her kiss and cuddle worms, frogs, bugs (check back tomorrow for more on that), etc. This love extends to plastic animals too. Now, this evening I was busy cleaning or getting laundry together. Basically, I wasn't paying attention to her. She's old enough that usually it doesn't matter.

When Trav came home, he opened the door for a snack.

"Honey," he said. "When did we order some Bovine Security?"

"What?" I said.

"Did you really not want me to touch the Wheat Things tonight?"

Lo and behold, look at what we found:

Our very own security personnel! 

And yes...upon closer inspection...

...we really do have  Wheat-Thins-Guarding plastic cow in our pantry, thanks to Zoey. 

If you want to have any of our Wheat Thins, you have now been warned. 

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Eden said...

hahaha - its even more awesome because the last picture of the cow appears to capture his shifty suspicious eyes.