Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Facts Entry #21

1) We're having waffles for dinner because there isn't much else in the house that's quick and easy. Oh and doesn't require any additional cooking items. 

2) My legs are getting better! You won't be able to see much, but I had vasculitis, which did THIS to my legs:

That doesn't even really show the true extent of the virus. It was pretty darn bad. At it's worse, it looked like I had a very contagious, very rare disease. At it's best, it looked like I had a burn. Not fun. 

3) Does anyone remember the crazy winter we had? 

Yeah, when it's 90 degrees outside it's fun to look back at snow pictures. It helps me enjoy being sweaty!

4) Want a good read? Order this book (just click on the image if you're serious about buying it!):

One Day (Vintage Contemporaries Original)

It's really cool. It's about a couple who met one night, had a connection but then went their separate ways. It looks back on that same one day for years into the future. And yes, it's being made into a movie.

5) This weekend we're celebrating my birthday (yeah!) and America's birthday (yeah!) with a slip-n-slide!
Wham-O Slip `N Slide Double Wave Rider
The kids have never gone on one before AND there's this excellent hill that will be awesome. I think we're all pretty excited!

6) The kids are eating crackers out of my shoe. I don't quite know how I feel about this. On one hand I'm amused. On the other hand, I'm very much grossed out!

Coach Medium Black & White Signature Stripe Tote Bag - 13548

I'm still waiting for the answer. And horrified at my new addiction to accessories. 

8) I'm also horrified at my new addiction to make-up. I spent years without it and now I can't live without it. Weird.

9) Everything happens for a reason...right? Here's proof - last week, the kids and I drove down to Wichita after work to meet Sam and Nate at the airport. Trav stayed home because if we left when he got off work, we would have arrived in Wichita just before the arrival time for the plane. Well, the flight was delayed (as you know) and by theory we could have travelled down to Wichita on Saturday morning instead. Had that been the case, Trav would have been able to come too! However, had we left on Saturday instead and Trav come too, we would have come home to a broken AC AND no service man available until Monday. Crazy!

10) I'm going to try to take fire works photos. 

Last year I tried my hand at it for the first time. Now I get to see if I can improve! 

11) Did you notice that there's a PRINT PAGE option at the bottom of my new posts? It really works! Just click on it and you'll print the blog post.