Thursday, July 8, 2010

Project Time!

When I was growing up, "barbecue" was a term that meant....

Hot dogs.
Sauced Chicken.

Once I moved to Kansas City, however, I learned three things:

1) BBQ is most definitely a noun, not a verb. You EAT BBQ, but you GRILL out.
2) Hamburgers & hotdogs are GRILLED. Steaks at grilled. However, smoked pork shoulder is BBQ!
3) It's all about the sauce and rub.

My first barbecue experience was pretty boring - Jackstack. It's a nice place with great food, but it's like going car shopping and starting with the Lexus. It's not a realistic look at the rest of the options out there!!

The first time Trav took me to OK Joes, I fell in love. This food was beyond incredible. I didn't want to stop eating! It was so out-of-this-world good! And the sauce? Oh man. The sauce was killer.

Anyway, it's been a few years now since moving to the big KC. I think it's about time I took on a very important project...pitting the BBQ places head-to-head.

Here are the places we're going to hit:
1. OK Joes
2. LC's BBQ
3. BB's Lawnside BBQ
4. Gates BBQ
5. Smokehouse BBQ
6. Arthur Bryant's
7. Johnny's BBQ
8. Danny Edwards BLVD BBQ
9. Rosedale BBQ
10. Hayward's Pit BBQ

BONUS (in other words, if we have the time and energy)
A. Jackstack
B. Zardas
C. Snead's BBQ

Here's the criteria:

We're going to compare apples-to-apples here. At each place, we're getting five things:

1) Pulled pork
2) Sausage
3) French fries
4) Onion rings
5) Sauce

We're also going to noting:

1) Atmosphere
2) Meat flavors
3) Sauce taste
4) Quantity of food
5) Prices (!)
6) Location

I'm sure we'll come up with more things to compare, but Zoey's kind of losing it right now. She found a crayon and colored on a piece of the train table. Obviously the world is ending.

Anyway, this is going to be on-going. We'll probably start it in a few weeks and try to get everything in by the end of December. Not a bad project if you ask me! BBQ and football? I THINK SO!

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