Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Power OUT

Do you know what a brown out is?


A brown-out is a condition of lower than normal power line voltage being supplied by your local utility or generating equipment. This condition may be short term (minutes to hours) or long term (1/2 day or more). A power line voltage reduction of 8 - 12% is usually considered a brown-out. 

A black-out is a complete loss of power for whatever reason and is usually short term, as it is so serious that the generating company will classify the situation as an emergency. However, just occasionally a catastrophe may cause a longer term black-out. 

In other words: everyone returned home from work yesterday, zapping all of the power and knocking out power to us. Being it was 95 degrees outside, it was rather uncomfortable on many fronts. 

Even the cat was uncomfortably hot. 

So what did we do?

We brought out the paints and went to work! 

We didn't know how long we wouldn't have power, but we knew we had about three hours of light left. 

Painting takes a lot of concentration.

And dedication. 

Really, they worked well together. 

Well, except for this little girl. Her mood left much to be desired. 

"Mommy, I paint!"

This would eventually become The KING from Cars. 

Overhead shot! 

Zoey is showing some amazing artistic abilities. I'm really impressed! 

Amazingly, there wasn't a lot of fighting. 

Everyone just painted. 

and I can't complain.

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