Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Fourth: Part 1

Our holiday weekend wasn't exactly what you would call...relaxing. Last year I took upwards of 600 photos, more than 100 of them worthy to showcase, print, put on the blog, etc. The weather was beautiful, although a little on the warm side. Even though Zoey's hair was falling out, everything was perfect.

Not this year.

This year the best parts of the weekend were Friday, when we drove down, and Monday, when we drove back home. 

The rest, with a few exceptions, was filled with rain. A lot of warm, heavy rain from Hurricane Alex. That meant no time outside and no slip-n-slide. 

Thankfully, the clouds cleared for a few hours to let us watch a fireworks show! 

Oooo. Ahhh.

Now, next up is our own fireworks display! Stay tuned! 
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