Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mid-Week Update

It's Wednesday, meaning we are officially mid-way through our crazy, hectic, never-ending, overwhelming week from...

Okay, it's not that bad. Just busy.

Here are a few updates: loving soccer camp. They're really great with him! It's hot, sticky, humid and...he's doing so well! I think he's going to actually participate in a summer program next year. crazy. There's no way around it. Monday after daycare, she wanted spaghetti while I was making mac & cheese. Tuesday she wanted spaghetti, but while we had sauce, we were out of pasta. Today we had pasta. We had sauce. We had everything, and she wanted mac & cheese. Crazy girl. busy. He's been playing soccer dad all week and loving every minute of it though. going well!! We had nearly 200 kids come to our campus! Only 4-5 babies/toddlers in the under 2 room though. I can't complain - I held a sleeping 2 month old for a few hours. I love baby smell!!

The still a mess. I didn't get as far in ANY of the projects as I expected. That's not THAT strange though. I'm sorry to say, we just had a lot to do this week and our schedules allowed for an entire 2 hours of time spent 1) awake and 2) home from work.

In other sister-in-law hasn't had her baby yet, my sister and bro-in-law are still in the states and in KS, I lost my sunglasses and for the last three evenings I've had cereal for dinner. I think this would go easier if Zoey didn't insist on acting like a two-year old!

Pictures to week. As will recipes of goodies.

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