Friday, July 2, 2010

The Meltdown

You know those kids at the store who run around...
...have a complete tantrum....
....kick, scream, etc....
....and the parent is helpless to do anything but leave?

Yeah. Thsoe kids. Those parents.

You feel bad and really can't wait for that screaming pest to just get the heck out of the store and leave everyone in peace. If you are a parent, you can't help but bask in the glow that YOUR baby would never do such a thing! If you aren't a parent, you surely don't want to be one now!

Am I right? You've seen 'em. You've had those thoughts.

Well, today at Target...WE were that family.

ZOEY was that girl.
I was that parent.

It started off just so innocently. We went to a non-Super Target (read: REGULAR) to avoid any bad food temptations (side note: despite my efforts, I still walked away with chocolate covered Macadamia nuts). I should have known something was up because Zoey had a total freak out in the car because she took off her shoes and I was too busy driving to help her put them back on.

Side note: Zoey has a bad habit of asking you to do something nicely ("Mommy, help please!") and if you don't react or respond within a few milliseconds, she erupts with more force than Mt. St. Helens.

Anyway, so when we parked at Target she didn't want to get out. Once again - red flag. Hindsight is 20/20 at this point.

Inside the store, we were having a blast. Both kids were doing so well! I don't know the store AS well as our regular SUPER Target, so it took a little while to find our items. No worries. We were ready to go in about 10 minutes - pretty speedy for us!

Then it happened: at the check-out, Zoey wanted a little toy.

I had the gall to say no.

Now, I should say that up to this point Zoey had been doing great. Jack was doing great too. They were listening...smiling...laughing.

And then Zoey saw that toy and something switched off. Or ON in this case.

Needless to say, she wasn't just crying. She was WAILING.

She wasn't just screaming. She was emitting sound at a volume and frequency I have never encountered in my child.

Of course, no one gave me that "understanding" look. The others in line behind me simply rolled their eyes and looked away. The cashier avoided eye contact.

As I looked at my two-year old lying on the floor in front of the toys kicking and screaming bloody murder, I think I realized how much I never want to be in this situation again!

Now, by this point you would think that the worst would be over.


Obviously I scooped her up to carry her to the car. My little ragdoll decided she wanted to walk. Well...okay...yeah. She took off quickly and proceeded to run and wail at the same time. Catching up to her was just as exciting because the moment you touched her hand, she was able to amazingly convert herself into a ragdoll and lose all muscle control.


So...carrying this wailing, flailing child to the car WHILE carrying two plastic sacks WHILE trying to watch out for my quiet, non-tantrumy Jack.

Yeah - I got stares in the parking lot too. She was amazingly loud.

In the car, it didn't really improve. She PHYSICALLY made it difficult to just put her into the car. Stubborn isn't even covering it at this point in the tantrum. By the time I managed to get her into the carseat, she had found that second wind.

It took 5 minutes to get her buckled while she was wailing. And flailing. And kicking.

Yes...we struggled together for a total of 10 minutes...all for the sake of a $3 toy.

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