Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just A Normal Day

If you recall, Monday we had a brown-out (i.e. lost our electricity due to overuse of the power - it happens when we get to 98 degrees!). We ended up having a blast doing watercolors together.

Now, yesterday you would think we would have done something different.


It stormed. As in, pitch-black and violent for a full 3 hours. We didn't lose power (yeah!), but we were still stuck inside.

What did we do?

We pulled out our paints again!

Once again, they proved that they love art. 

Zoey took a little while to get into though. 

But seriously - this panda rocks! 

Her attitude lately does NOT rock! 

Is this not the face of Trav? 

And is this face not the face of a girl who was on the verge of being cranky? 

Anyway, we're also in the process of re-doing our house. First step: living room. Now, I think this cat statue does wonders in place of books! 

Now, at this point in the evening we all were bathed and ready to go to bed. Zoey looked at me and asked me to take her picture. I figured...sure! 

So Jack hopped on up too. 

Unfortunately, he wasn't as gung-ho for the photo event! 

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