Monday, July 19, 2010

Soccer Videos

In case you didn't hear (coughYEAHRIGHTcough), Jack went to soccer camp last week! I was at work, so Trav took both kids and eventually ended up taking my little video camera.

If you're looking for a little video cam, this one is awesome:
Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera
It's $100 (actually $104.99, according to Amazon - just click on the image to find out all the info), and it's pretty just the basic camera everyone always wants. There are no bells. No whistles. It's not good in low-light, but you know what? It's only $100.

 I bought it a few years ago and love it. We don't use very often, but that's fine. It didn't cost us an arm and a leg! Plus it takes an SD card, so transferring images is a cinch.

Anyway, so Trav took it with him to a few practices. If case you wanted to know what the Challenger soccer program is like, here's your chance.

Let me apologize in advance for two things:

1) It's pretty boring. I'll admit that I get kind of bored by it. I'm proud of Jack, but I get hot just looking at it.

2) Trav wasn't paying attention to the camera. You can tell. Most of the time the camera is pointed DOWN. Oops.

Here you go:

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