Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If You Give A Girl A Sparkler...

The holidays were rough (as you may have read). It rained...a lot. Rain made it very difficult to enjoy the great outdoors/fireworks, so when the rain cleared for a few precious hours on Sunday, we jumped at the chance!

Zoey was thrilled! She was in charge of the sparklers. 

At first she wasn't so sure. 

She's thinking about it...

Wow! It's kind of fun! 

Look at it go! 





"All gone!"

"Another one, please"!

She wasn't too big on the actual "sparkler" aspect. 

The flame part, however, was just pretty darn neat! 

Important note: no one was burned or hurt in the process of the holiday. Despite Zoey's love for the sparkler, she really showed a lot of care/fear/respect for it. What you don't see if just out of the shot is an adult - usually Trav or Sam - ready to jump in if she ever let it get too close. Thankfully, she never did get it too close. 

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