Friday, July 9, 2010

The Haircut...One Year Later

Just about a year ago, we took Zoey for her first haircut:



Let's just say...she wasn't too thrilled about it. It wasn't that grand experience we expected. When Jack had his first haircut, it was simple. With Zoey, I don't think anything is ever simple!!

Well, flash forward to today. Zoey looks like little orphan Annie, only the blonde version. It's poofy, it's curly and it's crazy. We get tons of compliments about it, but it just looks messy. A lot of people ask if she just woke up! 

Well, we decided to head to our local SHEAR MADNESS for a haircut. They're really neat-o there - you can sit in a standard barber seat OR in a cool car! Each area has it's own TV and it's just fun. Our gal was Gala...if you ever want to book an appointment with her! 

Here's the before

From the side

And the after! 

From the side

Yes, those are braids that Gala put in. Very special! And neat! And awesome! 

My little girl is growing up! 

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anthonytheboss said...

Aww...such a cutie! My son didn't dig his first haircut but with boys they HAVE to happen more often so now he just sits there all still. Him and Daddy go for their haircuts together every 6 weeks or so. Come to think of it...I can't remember the last time I went with them :(

Angi said...

Anthonytheboss - if it helps, I've only gone with my son to get his hair cut maybe once or twice. Now it's just he and my husband!