Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get Das Scoop

As a parent, I'm busy. As in, I only have about an hour each day when I'm not at work, sleeping or playing with the kiddos.

That means I don't have time to mess around with details. For example, I'm planning meals for this weekend. I have exactly 10 minutes to get everything in order and written down. That's not exactly a lot of time!!

Anyway, I have a secret.

Her name is Gail.

She's not my personal assistant, but she is my personal event planner. Honestly, I never thought our relationship would get to this point.

You see, earlier this spring I was at the Kid's Closet Consignment sale when this woman asked if I wanted to sign up for hew newsletter. If I did, I would receive a free coupon. I don't know if she caught me at just the right time because it had been a long day or if I just went with her speech. Either way, I signed up and moved on. I didn't really think about it.

Then the newsletters started to come in. Maybe twice a week. However, each newsletter was jammed full of info I needed and wanted to know.

Store deals.
Store coupons.
Events - free and paid.
Garage Sales.




Can we say...awesome?!

I may only have a limited time to spend on it, but I love every second of it. Seriously. It doesn't get better.

Basically, what I'm saying is...check her out!! You won't be sorry.

Here's her website:

If you do sign up for a subscription, but sure to mention that Angi Bowman sent ya!

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