Saturday, July 17, 2010

Conclusion of VBS 2010

Never underestimate the power of Kansas weather. 

It's summer in Kansas, meaning three things:

1) It's hot. We're talking upper 90s here. 
2) It's muggy. Walking outside is equivalent to taking a 15 minutes shower. 
3) It's unpredictable. Sometimes you'll see a sunny, rain-less day for weeks. Sometimes very intense storms will pop out of nowhere. 

Like yesterday! 

VBS concluded on Thursday, and the final program/celebration was yesterday. It hadn't rained in the evenings  at all during the week, so we were shocked when we saw this sky: 

Doesn't it just look scar?! Thunder, lightning - the works! We thought it was just going to pass without much of an incident. We were wrong. We all rushed inside just as it started to pour.

Our church leaders were great though. Instead of cramming everyone into the fellowship hall and listening to the younger kids scream in terror at the thunder, they started their closing program early. All of the kids trekked upstairs and lined up on the stage. 

What makes this super funny is that while Jack had been in the official VBS program, Zoey had been in 2-3 class, which is just offered to VBS volunteers. They didn't really sing the songs. 

Despite that, she danced and participated with the rest of the! 

They just did so well! Both had a blast both at VBS and at the program! It's a shame I didn't get their spontaneous break dancing on film though.

Here's the group singing together! 

And here's the storm that dropped down a lot of rain, half and 70 mph winds. Silly storm! 

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