Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday Adventures

You know the feeling your get when you're busy? You know what I mean - you look back in exhaustion at the day and wonder how the heck you managed to pull that one off. Well, that was us this weekend.

It all started with the Disney Store.
I get a newsletter a few times a week called Gail's Scoop ( and I love it. It's a great way to stay connected as a parent in the KC-metro area, and they have a LOT of events in the area each week, not to mention a comprehensive list of garage sales! If you want to, subscribe - just be sure to tell her that I sent ya!

Anyway, this wasn't about Gail's Scoop. In Gail's Scoop, I found an even at our local Disney Store for the Toy Story 3 opening in a few weeks. It said that there would be a craft project and a photo op! Well, the photo op wasn't as grand as I expected (what? No life-sized Buzz or Woody? Man!), but Jack had a blast!

Jack just colored. If you know Zoey, you know that she loves to color. She's a coloring fool, yo!

After this little adventure we headed back home, where we had lunch and put the kids to bed. Of course, it's never that easy. I had to head to the store, clean the kitchen, get the meat ready, etc. Trav had to take in a water sample, mow the lawn, clean the living room, and grill said meat.


Because we had a party!! WOOT!

I don't have any photos of the actual party because I was beat and just focused on making it! Heck, I didn't even plan on taking photos of the pool part of the party!

But I did. And I was glad that I did. By the way, Audrey apparently loves water!

Hi guys!

Yes, I'm talking to you.

Zoey loves this pink whale.

Seriously - she won't give it up for anyone!

Jack had a blast!

Here's part of the crowd...

Jumping Jack did what he does best. He even holds his nose now. What a pro!

Awww! Daughter and Daddy time!


Another jump!

This was our seal, but thanks to Audrey, it's now called a dinosaur. Go figure.

Yeah, that's your fault there Audrey. Now my kids won't stop calling it a dinosaur, further confusing everyone!

Audrey loved her dino though!

Meanwhile, Trav had to get out the pool to go retrieve some bomb balls. Audrey sensed an opportunity here and asked for him to throw her in. Well, you can see the results.

Jack took advantage of it and decided to try it too! As you recall, it was a huge hit: