Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pool Extravaganza

Instead of posting each day's pool excitement, I'm just going to put it all together. Prepare yourself though - there were a LOT of snow pictures this winter due to all the snow. This summer there will be a LOT of pool pictures!

is our pool.

And our lifeguard.

And...just in case you want to feel like swimming...this is the temperature. That's 89 degrees, baby!

Our kids really love it in there.

Even Zoey loves it! If you recall, last year she wasn't as gung-ho.

I believe "clingy" would be the right word in that situation.

Jack proves that anyone can swim!

It really is THAT fun.

Check out the water! Clean and clear. Awesome.

And apparently drinkable. NOT.

I know Jack - Zoey is so silly sometimes!

Now, do you think he actually stays in the canoe? If you thought YES, reminder yourself that this is Jack. If you thought NO, give yourself a high-five!

I can't say that I know what this look means.

This is her "Mommy, just take the picture and get on with it" look.

Okay, so how did I get this picture? Good question. I don't know. I was at home with the kids alone and they actually sat beside each other without prompts. Oh yeah, and they both looked at my camera AND smiled without prompts either. WOW.

Of course, it didn't last long.

I know Zoey - you hate when people splash you!

Like that!

Isn't he just cute? If he looks a little white-faced don't worry; that's sunscreen.

Trav and Zoey just floated around.

Jack always just does what he does best - swim!

I know Zoey - he's soooooooooooo funny!

Hi Mr. Freckle Back!

Don't ask. I don't know.

Yup! Zoey has her own floaties now!

Although she still prefers to use an inflatable.

A new trick! On the shoulders...

And off!

Jack is just showing off his mad skillz, yo.

I know Zoey, I'm pooped too. There were a LOT of photos and the season has only just begun! Yikes.