Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Plunge

With the pool comes one thing: adventures.

Last year, we finally manged to get Jack to jump into the pool by the end of the summer. That's no easy feat!

Now he's a pro.

Even without goggles on he's a pro!

He also loves with Trav throws him...


....the pool!

Now, for Zoey.

She doesn't quite have the jump down. She more like scoots off the edge and lunges into someone's arms.

She loves it!

Seriously! How can you not just smile when you see her grinning?

She positively loves it!

Another fun game she likes is the toss/swim game. Trav tosses her to me (or in this case, Kaki) who in turn helps her swim back over to Trav.

Love would be an understatement here.

She positively loves it!