Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meet the Kids

I know, I know. It seems rather interesting that I would introduce our kids to you. However, knowing how much family we have that live out of state and how quickly our kids grow, I thought I would reintroduce our kids to you!

4 years old.

Jack, to me, is truly the dynamo of this family. He's not my cuddler, but he is my do-er. If I need some help, he'll step in for me. He'll step in and set the table, clear the table, pick-up toys, and even help with Zoey when I'm busy preparing dinner. What amazes me is his incredible memorization skills - it's making learning how to spell and read really quite fun!

If you ever wanted to meet a future politician, come on down and shake Jack's hand! He has the social personality for politics, that's for sure!

One note: he's going to play soccer this summer for the first time! AND he has also going to his first VBS.

2 years old.

Zoey is the sort of girl who doesn't mind the cuddles and isn't quite the energy that her brother is. She's our girly girl who loves tutus, dresses, having her hair done, and princesses. As you've seen, she's also not scared to kiss her worms and frogs either! She helps out with cleaning up toys and taking her dishes to the sink, but really she just wants to do what her brother does.

I see Zoey being a cheerleader in her teen years though. Why? She has a loud mouth, a lot of spunk and a love for sports. She is more than happy to sit with her daddy and cheer on the Broncos! She doesn't JUST sit there though. She actually does watch and cheer them on!