Monday, June 7, 2010

Deanna Rose, Take 3

Back in late April/early May, we trekked down to Deanna Rose in Overland Park to be there at the season opening. There, we actually also ran into April and Audrey! Of course, I had remembered to bring my camera.

Of course, I had also forgotten to put the memory card into said camera. Because my camera doesn't have an internal memory, no pictures. I ended up carrying the camera around with me all day to act as that dirty little reminder that I forgot to put in the stinkin' memory card. Pooh!

The next time I took the kids, Trav was working, and it was hot. Of course, looking back at that time now, "hot" was nowhere near the "hot" we have today! Anyway, since I was all by myself with two kids, I left the camera at home. I didn't want to take a picture and be THAT parent who in turn loses a kid or ends up having a shirt eaten by one of the goats because I was too distracted.

Don't laugh - it's happened before!

This time I had my camera. I FINALLY caught a picture of the chickens!

Why, hello Ms. Ellie Mae! She was quite a loud little Jersey cow. She was hungry and her mama was nowhere in sight, the poor thing.

Jack ended up trying his hand at river mining. Of course, we were too cheap to pay the $4 for the bag of sand, so Zoey put gravel from the ground into the sifter and Jack went to town. Great teamwork!

Okay, see what I mean by goats eating shirts? You have to be careful!

Amazingly enough, Zoey wasn't as excited about the goats.

She wasn't really excited about much of anything.

Sorry Mr. Billy Goat; maybe next time!

I did manage to get a family shot! Hey, two out of three looking at the camera isn't bad!

Z is for...ZOEY!

Jack was my sad little butterfly. I think he was sad because we were making him leave the gardens. I'm not really sure. Or maybe he just really didn't want to take a picture.


Him Tarzan. Him swing on plastic. Me take picture.


By this point it was around 10:30, meaning we had been there for a good 90 minutes. Considering it was already around 87 degrees, we were hot, smelly and thirsty!

I'm just glad everyone had fun though!