Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day: Take 2

After weeks (if not months) of hyping up Toy Story to our kids, the latest Toy Story 3 finally opened! 

We trekked down to join Grandma Suzie and Papa Don to see it! 

We were there 45 minutes early. 

Dressed to the nines. 

Ready to have a rootin', tootin' good time! 

The kids really did great! 

Zoey did a LOT of sitting like this, but she still sat through the entire movie. Considering that we didn't expect her to last in the theatre for more than 30 minutes, I'm so proud of her! 

Jack did great too! He sat in his chair and on Grandma Suzie's lap, which was helpful when the movie got a little bit more intense than he expected. 

In the end, TS3 was a fun little trip! 

Good job, guys! 

Next we went over to Grandma's house (that is, Grandma Suzie's house) and had a great buffet of good eats.

Steve's ribs (still belching up the goodness!)
Jo's broccoli salad (thanks to my Aunt Pat for the recipe though!)
April's puppy chow
Panera Bread's wonderful loaves (hey - we were busy this weekend! I need two stock pots!)
Grandma Suzie's baked beans and brownies (OMG yum!)

Let's just say we were too busy stuffing our plates with the food that I didn't take any photos. That and my flash was in need of new batteries.

ANYWAY, we ended up outside for pictures. Apparently, Jack wanted pictures with his Uncle Sam! 

Audrey just wanted to read. 

Zoey was our flag girl. 

Always with a matching accessory - what can I say? The girl's got style! 

We also shared our flags! 

Or tried to share the flags. Audrey wasn't as flag happy as my two kiddos! 

Next, it was picture time with all the dads and their kiddos. April is missing from the group, but she was also taking photos! Here are my top picks, some just up there due to the hilarity of the kids and their flags!

I told you that my kids love flags! 

In the end, Happy Father's Day!! And we hope you have a very happy, very safe Fourth of July!! 

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