Wednesday, June 9, 2010

10 Facts

It's time to focus on me. I know, I know - you probably don't care. But here are a few things about me that you may or may not have known! (Note: photo pictured above was not taken while we were driving. We were parked at a Sonic!)

1) As of tomorrow, I am a working woman! Without the great support of our family and friends, the last seven months would have been brutal. I am lucky to have such great people around my family to help us when we needed you guys most. It's going to feel nice to get back to work though and equally as nice to be working with something I already know!

2) I have a love/hate relationship with:
Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange 1.2oz Perfume

Why? Because this perfume has overcome my life. It's just this little, itty bitty bottle of scent yet because of it, I'm starting to wear make-up when I go out, actually care about my hair, start taking an interest in shoes, etc. Stop me. Stop me now. I used to not give a hoot about any of that, but now? Yikes. I blame the perfume! Try it at your own risk!

3) I love to cook and bake. Put me in the kitchen and let me fly! I normally tend to spend January thinking about what I'm going to focus on this year. In 2009 I focused on Slow Cooking and Casseroles. This year it's

That's right. Desserts and smoking meats. For desserts, right now I'm the cakes/cookies at the moment. With meat smoking I think it's safe to say we're still on the beef. We're hoping to smoke a lamb and some pork later this summer though, so stay tuned!! 

4) I have an amazing memory for little details most people overlook. For example, I can still tell you who gave us what toy and at what party. We JUST threw away a toy given to Jack when he was 2 months old by Trav's old friend Mindy. I do, however, struggle with remember daily events, such as whether or not I left the milk out or if the garage door is closed.

5) When I'm busy and need to entertain the kids, I turn to several great bands:

Here Comes Science  Here Come the ABCs [CD/DVD Combo]
Here Come The 123s [CD/DVD]What a Ride!
Please note: Dora the Explorer is nowhere in there. I really don't like Dora, if you want the truth! She annoys me to bits!

6) My guilty pleasures? Really, really bad movies, such as:

2012 Volcano The Day After Tomorrow [Blu-ray] Twister
Seriously - give me a marathon of those on TV and I'm set!! 

7) My cat is snoring. Discuss. 

8) I love giving away gifts and love planning for such gifts!! I usually start planning for birthdays and Christmas in January or February! There is only one exception - Travis. I never seem to grab his gifts THAT far in advance. 

9) On a regular basis, I refer to my husband as my "Sports Nut" because, well, he is one. My favorite sport? FOOTBALL!! I live for the fall - the crisp air, the excitement of school starting, the fun of a barbaric sport...bliss! Plus both my kids have birthdays in the fall, so I can't complain!

10) Although I enjoy Starbucks, I don't go there that often. I don't really want to rely on caffeine to thrive. Instead, I enjoy a drink or two maybe once or twice a month. After having the woman ahead of me pay for my drink, I always try to buy the drink of the person behind me now too. It's a great feeling - try it sometime!