Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zoey Meets The Camera

When I take pictures of the kids, two things usually happen:
1) Zoey gladly smiles and hams it up.
2) Jack either ignores me or makes the worst faces possible. Usually he just ignores me though.

So, without further text, here are Zoey's candid snapshots:
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Random Question of the Week

So...I'm busy now.

As in, really busy.

As in, I'm not posting as many photos as I should.

I'm going to try to have a marathon posting here in a few days, but we'll see.

Anyway, here's my question...

Do you use crock pots in the summer? 

This is a very important question, man!

Actually, it's not. I'm not going to lie about that. I was just making a bunch of food for the week (Asian salad, pasta salad, bierocks...stop me at any point here!) and pondering how useful my crockpot really is with that broken handle.

Hence the question.

So...do you use your crock pot in the summer?

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Letting Kids Be Kids

At my parents' house, the kids have a big pile of dirt under the deck that has been reserved just for them. It's shady, not too small, not too big and always cool. The kids like it because they can get filthy and have fun. We love it because we can sit in lawn chairs and just watch. 
It was Jack's idea, really. He's the brain behind most of these ideas! 

Zoey is usually just along for the ride. 

Dirty hands! She's actually come a looooong way with those dirty hands. There was a time not too long ago when she HATED having stuff on her hands. 

Jack was painting the truck. Yes, that's a truck that I played with when I was his age. My dad even has a toy from his childhood out there! 

There's my pretty girl! 

And there's my handsome boy! 

Of course, there's always a chance to wash off. 

It didn't take long to show Zoey how to do it! 

Unfortunately, Jack went an entire 5 feet before getting dirty again.

Oh well! Kids will be kids! 
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Welcome Home!

Waiting for Sam and Nate was short at Wichita's airport. 

Once Jack saw them, he took off! He's so glad to have his Sam&Nate home! 
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Baths R Fun

Every single day of ours, regardless of how crazy and insane it may be, always ends with three things:
1) Teethbrushing
2) Bathtime
3) Books/Singing
Toothbrushing is always a good way to start the end of the evening.

But wait! That's not a toothbrush! Silly girl. 

Here are my two kiddos. Looking cute. And tired. They had up until about 11:00 the night before and woke up at 7:00 the next morning. Let's just say they were pooped! 

Zoey finally got her payback! 
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh My

This weekend was a mess. That's the only way to describe it. 

The kids and I visited my parents in Wichita because my sister and brother-in-law were returning about 11 months in China. Yes, that's China the country. Yes, that's the China that's clear on the other side of the world. Yes, that's the place where every 8 year old thought their backyard hole would eventually lead.

Anyway, we drove down on Friday night right after I got off of work. Trav stayed home to finish up a few chores and what not, which isn't a bad thing. We made GREAT time and arrived in Wichita around 8:30. Considering their flight wasn't scheduled to come in from Denver until 10:30, we hung out and enjoyed each other.

Then we got the call - wind forced their flight to divert to Colorado Springs instead of Denver. They had been stuck on the plane for 3 hours and were now off the plane waiting for the next step. Several phone calls (and hours) later, they found a hotel in Denver thanks to Trav's awesome cousin Kristi. They eventually made it to Denver around 2:30 the next morning. 

The next morning, they told us of their plans: they were catching a morning flight to Dallas before catching an afternoon flight to Wichita. Great. 

So while we were waiting, we decided to make some art:
Heres' Zoey's creation. All of her people always seem to look upset or depressed. I don't know where this comes from! 

Here is Jack's drawing of Sam and Nate holding hands. 

And...here's a sad Jack because the airplane (to the left) wasn't able to bring Sam and Nate home.

Sad, isn't it? When I saw it, it really kind of scared me! 

Anyway, so while I was talking to Jack about his lovely art, I noticed that Zoey was quiet.

Too quiet.

Quiet and kids just don't go hand-in-hand. Nope.

I looked at Jack....
Hmmm. He looks fairly normal. 

But Zoey? 

That's most definitely not a normal look for her.

The black really does bring out her...um....



Skin tone?

Whatever it is, I can't say I really approved. Thankfully it was washable. 

And yes, that led to Bath #2 that day, and it wasn't even lunch yet. 

(And for the record - Sam and Nate arrived home safe and sound after a mere 44 hours of travelling!)

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day: Take 2

After weeks (if not months) of hyping up Toy Story to our kids, the latest Toy Story 3 finally opened! 

We trekked down to join Grandma Suzie and Papa Don to see it! 

We were there 45 minutes early. 

Dressed to the nines. 

Ready to have a rootin', tootin' good time! 

The kids really did great! 

Zoey did a LOT of sitting like this, but she still sat through the entire movie. Considering that we didn't expect her to last in the theatre for more than 30 minutes, I'm so proud of her! 

Jack did great too! He sat in his chair and on Grandma Suzie's lap, which was helpful when the movie got a little bit more intense than he expected. 

In the end, TS3 was a fun little trip! 

Good job, guys! 

Next we went over to Grandma's house (that is, Grandma Suzie's house) and had a great buffet of good eats.

Steve's ribs (still belching up the goodness!)
Jo's broccoli salad (thanks to my Aunt Pat for the recipe though!)
April's puppy chow
Panera Bread's wonderful loaves (hey - we were busy this weekend! I need two stock pots!)
Grandma Suzie's baked beans and brownies (OMG yum!)

Let's just say we were too busy stuffing our plates with the food that I didn't take any photos. That and my flash was in need of new batteries.

ANYWAY, we ended up outside for pictures. Apparently, Jack wanted pictures with his Uncle Sam! 

Audrey just wanted to read. 

Zoey was our flag girl. 

Always with a matching accessory - what can I say? The girl's got style! 

We also shared our flags! 

Or tried to share the flags. Audrey wasn't as flag happy as my two kiddos! 

Next, it was picture time with all the dads and their kiddos. April is missing from the group, but she was also taking photos! Here are my top picks, some just up there due to the hilarity of the kids and their flags!

I told you that my kids love flags! 

In the end, Happy Father's Day!! And we hope you have a very happy, very safe Fourth of July!! 

Also, house cleaning info: check out this print page option! I can't say if it'll work as well as I would like, but you can give it a go! A note though: sometimes I post links/ads to things I like from Amazon, so if you're using Firefox and try to print the page with the ads on them, the ads won't print. Just a little warning! 

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