Saturday, May 29, 2010

Taking the Leap

About a year ago (okay - 9, almost 10 months ago), Jack did something he never had done before:
He took a leap into the pool without the support of anyone but his floaties. He would only let Sam and Nate help him put on his floaties, and they were the reason he took that plunge. Before then, he was content with using us as his support. Since then, he's never looked back.

Fast forward to today. Amazingly enough, this year everything in the pool has worked and we were able to swim as a family this morning for the first time. (Note: we did swim together as a family for like 5 minutes on Thursday, but that doesn't count!). It was just a normal swim time too....until Zoey wanted to put on Jack's floaties.

Then she took that same leap Jack had made. This photo was taken at the EXACT moment that she first let go and started to swim!

What a big girl!

I think she even surprised herself! One added bonus to this new discovery: this little girl tires out even faster than before!