Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rare Moment

In our daily life, we're busy.

And loud.

Mainly loud.

Zoey has a very distinct way to getting what she wants. It's usually a three part process:

1) Ask nicely. "Mommy, more milk please!"

If we don't act fast enough, we'll get this:

2) High-pitched, ear-piercing scream

I don't even bother making it sound like a yell. It's a wail, if anything, and usually includes tears.

AND if we still don't act fast enough (you know, in case we're doing something else like making dinner), she'll

3) Take one of our hands and lead us to the task she wants us to complete. Seriously. She's bossy!

Anyway, that's the usual day for Zoey. Jack, on the other hand, doesn't yell. He just acts like a big brother who knows how to annoy the snot out of his sister and get her to scream. He also has a skill of bouncing off of the walls and telling a lot of really, really bad knock-knock jokes nearly all the time.

He's also a talker. I remember going to the store once and having him talk for the entire trip. When we approached the check out, both kids grabbed for the lollipops (THANK YOU HYVEE). Silence. When the cashier asked how I was doing, I could honestly say that I was doing better now than I had done in a loooong time because it was quiet. I could actually think!

So why does this include you? Well, I have some good news.

Jack is quietly cleaning is room.
Zoey is quietly watching a "They Might Be Giants" dvd.

Did you catch it?


It's very peaceful right now. I may paint the wall. Or write some thank-you letters. OR I may even edit more photos! Oh the possibilities!