Monday, May 24, 2010

The Princess & The Frog

No I'm not talking about


Or this.

But I am talking about our little princess who was happy and smiley until she saw...


Yup! Papa Don brought it over to all of the kids, which is when it hopped under the rock. Jack and Audrey took a fine go at it, but Zoey finished it off and managed to get it out.

She loved that silly toad.

She's just so incredibly funny.

She's our girly girl. Nails painted. Hair done. Clothes matching.

Yet she loves toads (and worms and bugs).

She has no problem kissing them either!

Unfortunately, there's no prince here!

She still gave him a big ol' hug though.

That's an air kiss, for those of you who may think that she's trying to eat our poor toady friend.

See? Air kiss. MUAH!

Eh, that's not an air-kiss. That's an old-fashioned lip-to-lip smacker.

Sadly, our journey ended. I'm sure there are plenty more toads in this little girl's future!