Monday, May 24, 2010

Just a Walk in the Park

Earlier this year, the flu hit our household hard. Both Trav and I were down and out with different stages of the infectious disease. When it was time to do something for the kids (i.e. cook dinner, give baths), we always took the same approach and compared symptoms (okay, you have a fever and chills, but I have vomiting and a headache. Who gets to give baths tonight).

Thankfully, a friend of ours stepped in and took the kids for a few hours so we could do our thing. In this case, rest.

Anyway, last week she had to take a final for a class, and we repaid our debt from the winter. Her two kids, Slade (3 yrs) and Riya (2 yrs) really get along well with our kids too!

Here's our happy bunch!

Amazingly, it wasn't hard to get them to look our way and smile!

The "brothers"


Since this was the first non-rainy day in a LONG time, they were out mowing the sides of the path. Cue Zoey's fear of lawn mowers.

We played in the very wet rugby field that's about 1.5 miles from our house and had a blast!

Go long! Go long!

Even Riya got in on the excitement!

Hi Slade!

On the way back, we actually saw some wildlife - a turtle!

They named him "Turty" the Turtle, which when said too quickly doesn't sound as innocent.

Hi Turty!

The poor thing was fleeing from us but not doing a great job of avoiding our questions.

Another walker and her son stopped by to look a the creature too.

Bye Turtle!

In the end, we walked 3 miles with these kiddos and they did so well!