Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Harsh Realities of Life

In March when Papa Curtis died, Jack had a really hard time. We had just been to Denver to see him and sat with him twice a day for two full days, so the notion that he wasn't there was a really tough thing to teach him. We explained that he was in heaven with God and Jesus and wasn't sick anymore.

Moving on, he would always pray and ask God to make sure that Papa Curtis knew that Jack loved him. After a month or so, he started to get better.

Do you remember our neighborhood ducks? We named them sweetly and looked for them each morning as we left for the day. They were usually in someone's yard, snoozing the morning away. Sometimes they would take a walk together in the afternoon. Sweet.

Then our neighbor found one of their chicks in her backyard. They rescued it and put it back in the the stream by our house. We were all so sure that they would be okay.

Today, Jack faced a reality of life we didn't expect.

He watched a truck run over the male duck. Winter died before Jack's very eyes. Had it not been storming at that very moment, we would have gone out to rescue him. Instead, I ran out there with a shovel between storms to at the very least give Winter the respect to be out the street.

Now Winter is in heaven with Papa Curtis and God, being fed bits of bread every now and then.