Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mufthers Day!

I love that my kids have no understanding of Mother's Day. Trav prompted the kids to tell me that glorious "Happy Mother's Day!" Of course, it always comes out as "Happy Mufther's Day" as they dart off to the next adventure.

Anyway, to all the Mamas out there - thank you for everything! We couldn't do it without ya! You may not always know it, but you are so loved and appreciated.

Of course, to my two and four-year old, it's not a huge deal. My daughter did just try to give me a drink of her milk cup by putting it in between my toes. I can't quite establish the connection or how it can possibly taste good after it.

I digress though. My brain is wandering. It's my day, gosh darn it! It can wander if it wants too! sure to thank your Mamas today.
If you are a Mama, thank you for raising such great kids!