Sunday, May 23, 2010


So...Friday. After three days of rain and around two weeks of chilly weather, we FINALLY had a chance at sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. We traveled to Dearborn, MO where we saw a lovely iris farm! More about that in the next post. However, after getting soaked and muddy at the farm, we headed to Weston, MO for a relaxing trip to a great, laid-back town.

We were happy to find the restaurant...
Can't you just hear Zoey calling out "Daddy!" as she "runs" to catch up?

Well, unfortunately we arrived 30 minutes before they started to serve lunch. Trav got in his exercise by holding BOTH girls!

I took photos of Jack.

I love it so much, I even played with photo effects!

Audrey and Jack really are quite alike. Spry. Crazy. Wild. And they also like to climb on a wagon!

But, what does Zoey see?

It's three generations, pointing out a wonderfully named restaurant, where we happened to eat lunch!

Jack was thrilled.

Oh Audrey! You're so silly!

I think Audrey would have tried to take the wheel home if she could!

Aww! What a cutie patootie!

Here's my sweet girl!

Awww! She loves her grandma!

Ring around the rosie....
...a pocket full of posies

Zoey loves that tutu!

"Oh gosh!"

Zoey helped Grandma Suzie pick out her lunch.

Audrey nibbled on crackers while we waited.

But wait! What's this?

It's American Bowman Pye! We'll revisit this lovely menu later.

Awww! Jack loves to eat with his grandma!

Hi Zoey! Thanks for eating!

Trav and Cousin Audrey were enjoying the "pye." Or rather, Trav was trying to get Audrey to even taste the pie!

Here's their signature pie. It may not be much to look at it, but it was pretty good!

Zoey approves.

Life is good!

But wait! We made our way down a few blocks to the city park! Remind yourself here that Weston isn't exactly a huge city. It has a total population just over 1,500.

Awww! Pretty girl picking pretty flowers!

Poor Grandma Suzie. Zoey is starting to really get heavy.

Jack was really into the fountain!

Shoulder Rider #1

Shoulder Rider #2

That boy in orange (and a few others) were there with a class trip on their last day of school. All I can say is that they were so very careful with Jack. I know that very people read this blog, but THANK YOU PARENTS OF THE BOY IN ORANGE! YOU RAISED A GREAT KID!

Audrey really wanted to climb up this structure!

Go Jack, go!

Now at this point you would think that we were done. In fact, I was beat and had already started to pack up the camera when Zoey found ANOTHER toad.
This one was more hoppy though. Oh well. She still had fun with it!

On the way back to the car, the girls enjoyed the daisies together.

Who knew that a fire hydrant could be so exciting?

It's an underestimated item, that's for sure!

Zoey has a very specific walk...

Hi Jack! Sorry for the wait.

Saying good-bye.

Bye guys!

Thanks for a great trip! Stay tuned for photos from the farm!