Monday, May 24, 2010

FIELD TRIP - Iris Farm

Who knew that flower farms could be fun? As I mentioned last night, we've been in a bit of a random weather pattern. Last week was very, very wet and pretty darn chilly, with temperatures sometimes not climbing out of the 50s. It was VERY March weather instead of May! Regardless, Friday looked promising (NO RAIN!!) and we trekked out to Dearborn, MO to see an Iris Farm.
Yes, it was overcast, cloudy and very, very wet. Of course, when we went into Weston the clouds parted and we actually saw some sun. Go figure!

Anyway, despite being wet we all enjoyed ourselves. These flower buds were determined to be "broken" by all the kids, despite our best efforts to teach them that they will indeed become a flower!

There's our little princess, AKA the TuTu Queen.

Here's our Jack. When I first took this photo, I was worried. He wasn't looking at me AND he wasn't in the mood to take photos. Uh-oh!

Zoey helped her Papa Don pick out Irises that will be sent to him in bulb form.

Well, my worries about Jack were short-lived.

Isn't he just incredible? He's really turning out to be a great kid!

Awww! We love flower farms!!

And...with that he's off again.

Hi Audrey!

Hmm. Yes. This is an example of all the mud we encountered. You can imagine the state of her jeans right about now!

They even had chickens.

Oh man, Zoey loved those suckers!

Looking out at the fields. What you don't know is that I told her I saw an airplane. Deduce what you will.

I just wanted a picture!

Audrey and Jack really are quite alike. If Jack is going to do or try something, I betcha Audrey will soon follow.

AHA! There's my smiling girl!


...and Zoey love their Grandma Suzie!

Hi again, Jack!

Sitting on a bench just isn't enough fun.

You have to tackle your sister with a hug!

And possibly even attempt to tickle her!

BUT WAIT! What is this?

Oooo...Audrey thinks it's hilarious!

Jack lost interest, but Audrey is still be involved here.

Zoey wanted to know what the heck was going on.

Well, what is it? Tune in to this blog in about 30 minutes to find out more!

Audrey took the way of Jack and left when it got too boring.

AND...she's off!

She just looks so innocent here, right?

That little stinker was actually DRINKING from the fountain!

Hmmm. I will say this - for being a farm, they sure had cranky dogs. Two old, very cranky dogs.

I think Jack had fun!

And I think that Zoey ended up a wee bit on the dirty side! Actually, we all did. It took up to 36 hours for some of our shoes to complete dry out!