Thursday, May 13, 2010

Detective Mommy

I have come to the conclusion that in some situations it would be easier to ask Jack to recite the 10 Commandments than tell me what just happened.

A Perfect Example

Situation: After lunch. Our house. The kids are in the basement watching They Might Be Giants while I finish cleaning up lunch. While setting up the DVD, I killed three small ants with a colored pencil that happened to be done there. After instructing Jack to keep an eye out for ants, I returned to the kitchen upstairs. A few minutes later, Zoey brought me the DVD remote. Apparently I had forgotten to actually start the DVD. Once I reached the bottom of the stairs...

Jack: Mommy, Mommy! I found two ants!
Me: Really? Where were they?
Jack: Well one was over there (no pointing included) and the other over there but I killed it with the pencil just like you.
Me: Was the ant on the floor? Or was it on the ledge by the window?
Jack: Yes.
Me: No, No. Was the ant on the floor?
Jack: Well...
Me: Or was the ant by the window?
Jack: Yes.
Me: So there was no ant on the floor.
Jack: Yes. I mean No.
Me: Well, thank you for killing it with the pencil.
Jack: And the remote!
Me: The remote in my hand!
Jack: Yes!
Me: You killed ants with this remote?
Jack: Noooo! The ants were on the remote, and I killed them with the pencil.
Me: And the remote was by the window.
Jack: Yeah!

* * *

I have now concluded that Jack will be on those kids to never give a straight answer to anything. I believe the cat has more direct approach. Maybe someday he'll be able to tell me exactly what happened when it happened....okay, so a girl can dream!