Saturday, May 8, 2010

Change of Plans

Let's be real here - life happens fast and sometimes you need a detour to stay on the right track.

That's what happened Friday.

You see, we own a farm in Nebraska and have owned this farm for several generations (four to be exact). We load up the car and head up there twice a year to check on the farm, check on the crops, talk with the tenants and let the kids know just how important our farming heritage really is.

Last October we tried to go for the second of those trips and experienced snow, sleet and very cold weather in the 30s. That's very atypical for October! Regardless, we went and enjoyed out time.

This time around, something different happened.

The first problem was the date. Since we had such a cold, wet winter, we decided to delay the trip by a week from its usual time slot (the first weekend in May). Next we also decided to move the trip from Friday/Saturday to Saturday/Sunday since Trav couldn't take that Friday off.

That was fine. No problem. My dad had taken the week off, so we planned for my parents to come up to our house for a few days and help us clear our backyard. They would have a few days to rest before we headed out to Nebraska.

Then...the weather happened. Never underestimate Midwest weather. There seems to be a "common saying" in nearly every state that if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it'll change. In the Midwest I would have to say that just when you think your weather will be typical and wonderful, you'll find a random cold front approaching.

That's what happened. Instead of being in the 60s or 70s, it was cold. And rainy.

I'm sure you can imagine what happened when we informed Jack of the change of plans. He was really, really bummed about Nebraska (we all were). We made the decision to drive down to Wichita to spend time with parents.

Because of this change, you won't be finding any photos from Nebraska.
Or the farm.
Or the zoo, though I do have photos from ANOTHER zoo to post.
Or rest stops near Salina.

Instead, you'll see photos of us playing in the grass.
And at the Wichita Riverfest.
And fishing.
And taking bubble baths (ahem - photos of the kids!)

So despite the sudden change of plans, we're still making the most of this Mother's Day weekend!