Sunday, May 16, 2010

Allowance, Among Other Things

First things first - we have agreed to start giving Jack an allowance as long as he:

1) Keep his room clean
2) Makes his bed on a semi-regular basis
3) Shares with his sister

Last week he met our criteria and earned himself a full $1. We figured it would be better to start off a little larger to encourage him. From this point on it will be closer to 50 cents/week - 25 cents for him, and 25 cents for the church.

Being Jack, he wanted to spend it on dollar Hot Wheels cars (MatchBox also has cheapo cars). He proudly marched over to the cash register with his car and made his purchase (I splurged and helped him pay the extra 4 cent tax).

However, we ran into a problem - where does he keep his money?

He has a piggy bank, but that's where it stops. When he first learned the value of a dollar (and that the Disney Store does NOT offer anything under $3), he put his money in a lunch sack. Although I realize it's perfectly fine for a boy to carry around a sack/bag, when he started to call it his "purse" I knew something was wrong.

I also knew something was wrong when he would only put the money in his pocket if we were going to the store because "he didn't want to be swiped."


So, now we're on the hunt for a wallet. Do you know how big Jack's pockets are? Not very. All of the wallets we found at Target presented their own problem.

Too big.
Too expensive.
Too many skulls and cross bones.

I know, I feel like Goldilocks too.

The hunt has now transferred to the Internet. You would think that of all the Internet, we would be able to find what we are looking for. At first glance, however, we're not that lucky.

They are too babyish.
They are too expensive ($25 for a wallet?! Seriously?!).
They are no longer available.

Join me as I grumble.

I'll let ya know if we actually find a wallet and if the wallet can actually fit in his pockets.

In other news...I need to do a lot of picture posting this week. Why? Because I've fallen behind! Whoops. That's what happens when you start projects.


- The Zoo (WAY late - it's from March!)
- The Park (Not as late - it's from late April!)
- Project Backyard
- Playing in the Grass
- Playing at the Mall with Cousin Audrey & Aunt April

Excited? So am I. Well, until I see how many photos I really need to still edit. Then I cringe.


Anonymous said...

Sister, I've got a few ideas. A coin purse with a plain print. Maybe one with a zipper. Also, try etsy. I typed in children's wallet and found some acceptable loot.
Hope this helps. Yes, I can get to this blog. Sometimes. With magic.