Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcomed Company - Jake and Pup Dog

If you know Jack, you'll know two very important things:

- He has never met a stranger he couldn't befriend
- He loves to play

You can just imagine what happened when he spent time with his friend Jake, who moved away last year but was visiting family in the Wichita area.

Well, it probably would have been even more exciting had Jake not been exhausted and suffering from a pet allergy from the night before.

Everyone really played well together at least!

Side note - when a garbage/recycling truck passes by, the entire world stops.

Anyway, back to the story at hand - the boys really loved playing together.

Zoey loved drawing with chalk with Trav.

But wait!

Who is this?

Why, it's a cute dog!

He seemed to really like everyone and was really a great dog!


Isn't he just the cutest?

When he tried to go into the house was the moment we knew we had to find his owner. Now, this wasn't as easy as you would think:
1) My parents live in a large community. He could have come from anywhere!
2) He didn't have any tags.
3) There are a lot of white dogs in their division!

In the end, I went door-to-door with the dog to find the owners and finally found them.

I'm sure we'll see Pup-Dog (yes, that's his name) soon!