Wednesday, April 14, 2010


If you remember, last year we ran into some pool (big pool) issues. As a result, we invested in a kiddie pool. This was back in June when it was averaging between 90-95 degrees outside:

Oh how they've changed!

On the plus side, Zoey's hair isn't falling out anymore?

That was then. This, is now:

The official "first splash" photo, even though no one is looking at me.

It took a little while for everyone to really get in. Granted, it's 80 degrees out there and the pool water is somewhere around 75. However! We still started the kiddie pool season.

Jack was really happy.

Does anyone else feel the urge to just crank up the hose really fast?

Okay, I changed my mind! No water!

(That was SOOOO not funny, Jack!)

Yes, he did put his head in the water. Silly guy.

Zoey thought that he was silly too.

Oh my! Jack is so strong!

Awww! They were holding hands!

No, that's not a choke hold. That's a hug.

Zoey's goggles were too big and her hair too wild. However, she didn't care one bit and put her "face" in the water too. Considering that last year she didn't get into the kiddie pool very much, I'll take it!!