Monday, April 5, 2010

Mud & Worms

Looking for the Easter photos? Fear not! Just click on the links below:

If you haven't already guessed, our family isn't afraid of a little dirt. Or worms.

We love our worms!

Okay - you can open your eyes now

It should be no surprise to you that last week we spent about 90% of our time outside. That may be an overestimate, but you get the picture!

First we tried to dig up more worms:

Group projects are always exciting.

This is one intense worm hunter! I will say this - that bucket with the yellow sticker on it? Yeah - it used to hold chlorine tablets for the pool. Eight months outside and it's the perfect worm daycare center.

Zoey really is going to kill me for this one when she's 16.

Isn't he great? He was so excited to actually find worms.

See? It's the worm dance!!

Here's Zoey's worm dance.

Speaking of Zo - her hair is getting crazy.

She doesn't seem to mind though!

Oooo! Concentration!

This is the hole that Jack dug.

This is his sister who watched the hole that Jack dug.

Last year we bought some yard lights that didn't really work.

Zoey proved that they make much better hats anyway.

The next day, I decided to let them play in the mud.

mmmmm. Muddy shoes.

I had to beg for them to just get dirty!

They're being worms right now.

Here's proof to their dedication to dirt.

And yes, these are really still my kids.

Zoey's hair was wild.

That isn't a light! That's a rocket ship!

Oh Jack.

I know - luck of the draw. Who knew they would 1) look at me and 2) not run away?

THIS was the sort of photo I expected to take!


There's my pretty girl!

Jack has started to dress himself in the morning without our input. That's fine, but 4T shorts are still too big for this little man.

Firefighter Jack to the rescue!

Look at those muscles!

Zoey's got it under control.

"Hi Mommy!"

I was apparently on fire. Go figure.

I love my boy!

And I love my girl!

Really Mommy?

But look! I'm not dirty at all!

*Gasp* Not the bath!

Anything but the bath!

Jack was very helpful.

You're really making me take a bath?

She decided that she would just splash herself clean.

Walter loves looking outside!

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