Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fishing: The Trial Run

Remember back in March when we celebrated our Regier-family Easter? Well, let me refresh your memory. It was...

- Cold
- Windy
- Rainy

...except for the first 36 hours of our trip. We arrived on a Thursday and after a quick romp in the grass, we made our way to the community lake to try our hand at fishing.

Our little fishermunchkins were thrilled!

Everyone was excited to start!

Look at that cast!

Father and son...awwwwwwwwww!

Zoey tried too. She really did.

But really, we just did a lot of standing around.

The ground was wet.

Although he was excited, nothing bit.

See? Cold.

The only animals around were the geese who happily pooped all over the place.

We stayed and hoped for the best.

Did he...

Could it be........

(Nope). No fish.

A few days later, we braved even colder, yuckier weather to try again.

Everyone wasn't nearly as excited.


Here's Papa Gary with his troopers.

I think they were looking for worms.

Zoey was ... entertained.

Jack was ... enjoying his time.

Once again, everyone was trying to keep warm.

In the end, we left without any nibbles and with our fingers cold.