Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fishing: Hopeful Casting

A few weeks after the Easter celebration, we headed back to Wichita for some more fishin'. Jack's worm daycare came in very handy:

That's a long worm!!

At the lake, we set ourselves up.

And cast off into the unknown.

What's this?

Why it's a fish!!

It's a huge fish!

I think we were all surprised that Jack caught the first fish of the season within the first 5 minutes of being there...and it was pretty big!

You would think that the fish would be all over the place...

And they were!

Zoey loved her little fish!

The next day, we decided to try again.

You don't get better than this.

Now, because we went in the afternoon, the fish weren't as happy to bite.

Doesn't Trav look great with the Barbie fishing rod?

Oh wait - there's the girl!

Jack waited a whole 5 minutes.

Zoey tried her hand at waiting patiently too.

But, let's be real - they are toddlers.

They aren't going to stay still for long.

But wait...

He caught a fish!!

Zoey wanted to hold that poor little fish.

She really had no fear of anything.

Congrats, Jack!

After the afternoon's only catch, we decided to try again at dusk.

Zoey was anticipating yet another long waiting period.

The whole gang was there!

What's this? Another fish!!!

Jack was so proud of himself!

Wait - Zoey has one too!

A beautiful fish!

Hi Fish!

You're cute!

All-in-all, it was a great end to a fab weekend. Both kids can't wait to go fishing again, and our worm daycare is ready to provide more fat, perfect worms!