Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter - Part 2 - Bowmans

Now it's time to celebrate Easter with the Bowmans (and Abbotts and Wards) in Kansas City!!

Everyone was in a great mood!

Jack loved the bunnies!

Now, where did that boy go?

There he is!

Zoey preferred the eggs to the bunnies though.


Jack seemed to like the eggs too! Audrey did too, but she was a little fast for a good piture.

Wait! She's by a bunny! Quick! Take a picture!

Jack looks like he's going to get into trouble.

The girls loved playing together!

Awww! A laughing Zoey... a happy Zoey!

Both girls had different approaches to the tree. Audrey loved to jump off and land on her bottom.

I love this photo for it's ethereal quality. I feel like I could be in some random forest.

And then we get this photo. I don't think it could have been any more perfect. Thank you Zoey, Thank you God for the green vines and grass and thank you Jack/Audrey for not running into the frame! Obviously it was a group effort.

There's Audrey with the egg! Of course, she's running.

Aww! Zoey was so happy next to her cousin!

Zoey also loves eggs. Did I already mention that?

Audrey seemed to really love the leaves.

Maybe it was the crunch? I don't know. But isn't she precious?

This photo has a story behind it. I was trying to catch Zoey doing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" but Audrey decided that she should get in too. Only, she was a tiger. And that's Trav, watching the whole thing.

Back inside, Zoey saw the Audrey had something from the kitchen. She wanted one too.

"Maybe if I stare at it long enough, they will give me one!"

What did want? One of these -- caught you, Audrey!!

She is a member of the Future Scrapbookers of America (FSA)

Meanwhile, Papa Don was trying to get Zoey to eat. If you think she's interested, think again. I don't think she really ate anything for lunch. Mack, on the other hand.....

In the dining room, Audrey wanted another cookie.

"What do you mean by no?"

Is this going to be Jack in a few years - studying while at the table?

Speaking of food...


More yum!

After lunch, Jack decided to wait outside for everyone to join him.


Zoey? Go means...well...go!

Aha! She found one!

Audrey found the bird bath.

Now she wanted to eat the candy. Oy. This is going to take awhile!

Audrey? That egg goes into the basket...

Egg hunting is too boring. Zoey would rather swing!

Jack joins her.

Well, not for long. He has places to go and eggs to find.

Zoey? Do you want to find some eggs too?

Apparently she would just rather swing.

My big boy is all grown up. :-(

Audrey had originally thrown some jelly beans.

Now she's reaching to get them back...

Ah, victorious! Back into the basket they go!

42....33....4....HUT!HUT! HUT! Oh, wait! That's an egg.

Audrey knows a good stick when she finds one.

Awwww! I caught her looking at the camera!

Eh, that was short-lived!

For some reason I love shots like this.

Two are so much better than one.

And three are even better than two!

I love spring. I really do.

Hellllllllllllo, Beautiful!

Zoey loves flowers. Well, she really loves flowers. She loves to tear them up.

And this concludes our Easter hunt.

Meanwhile, inside....Zoey was asking to eat one of her chocolates.


Who knew that 70 degree weather could do this to a chocolate?

Audrey was counting her goodies.

Zoey tried to help.

Awww! You just don't get cuter than that!

Yes, Audrey - I was surprised too!

Waiting for Easter baskets (which is what Jack is watching), the kids actually held hands.

Here are the three amigos!

Zoey's expression just cracks me up.

Oh, Jack! How exciting!

He was REALLY excited!

Audrey love putting her candy in a row.

Oh Zoey. You really do crack yourself up. You must get that from your brother!

This was a rare moment - he didn't move for a good 10 minutes. That's amazing.

This is her "is this how you're supposed to wear it?" look.

Now, I couldn't decide which one was better so I posted both. Zoey #1

Zoey #2.