Monday, April 12, 2010

Chef Angi is in the HOUSE


Do you like pizza? I mean, really like pizza?

My family obviously does. In the last three weeks, we've had pizza in a variety of forms at least 7 times. I didn't realize it until I actually added it all up.


Well, at least I mastered the art of baking it!

So this weekend while I was at my parents' house, I pulled out a few of my favorite recipes from Pioneer Woman and put together four (4!) homemade pizzas.

First up, my favorite: Prosciutto & Carmelized Onions

Salty Prosciutto
Sweet Carmelized Onions
Basil-infused dough

Next up: Eggplant, onion and Tomato

We aren't cherry tomato fans, so we used vine-grown tomatoes instead. It turned out VERY yummy! In the future, the ratio of everything will be - eggplant (1/2), tomato (1/4) and onion (1/4)

Next up: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Mine was AWESOME!! It just doesn't get better than this. I put bacon bits on it and took off the cilantro and onions, as seen in the photo above.

Fun Fact - did you know that cilantro tastes differently to different people? If it tastes like soap, you lack a gene to enjoy the herb! I know, I think it tastes like soap too. You can imagine my frustration when I would eat an Asian salad, loaded with the stuff, and couldn't get anyone else to taste the yucky soap taste!

Also (not pictured): Ham and Black Olive pizza, for those who weren't as adventureous!