Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Apparently 2010 is the year for the yard, because thus far we have completely redone our yard!

First off - tree removal and trimming. If we knew it would be so cheap (compared to what we anticipated), we would have done this ages ago!

See this tree? That's a Sweetgum tree. Sweetgum trees are annoying - they drop little spikey pods everywhere. It also became a spider tree in the summer. As a result, the tree had to go. And yes, this was taken the morning the tree was removed. And yes, it did storm.

First he climbed up and removed all of the larger branches.

From this point, it was just chopping it from the top down.

His crew hauled all of the branches to the front. You never know how much it changes until you see the branches in your front yard.

The before

The after (with a bunch of the pods on the cement)

The before

The after

The tree in front of Jack's window was also trimmed, but I don't have any photos of the "after" yet. Sorry!
In conclusion, we're very happy with what we've done!